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Printed Glassware for 112-Year-Old Retired Church Mother

February 14, 2011 helped South Carolina resident Mamie Rearden celebrate her 112th birthday this past September. The company has been a part of Mrs. Rearden's birthdays since 2003, supplying custom printed beverage glasses for the events.

Rearden, who is one of the 25 oldest people alive, is officially a "Supercentenarian" (a person who over the age of 110). The Rearden family has raised 11 children, 9 grand children and 10 great grand children. She was a church mother for 40 years at the Springfield Baptist Church, a senior choir member, and president of the Simmon Ridge Samaritan Baptist Women's Auxiliary.

"All of my staff feels blessed each year to provide printed glassware for the Rearden family," comments David Lee, owner of "We're just happy we can be a small part of her story."

Of course, eight years isn't a long time for a woman who has lived over a century. Mrs. Rearden's story began in South Carolina, where she spent over half of her life working on a farm. She got her drivers license at age 65 and began a social work career. In 2008, the State Senate of South Carolina passed a concurrent resolution to honor her.

Rearden attributes her longevity to sharing everything she has and treating everyone the way she wants to be treated. She has a message for kids today as well, saying they should choose someone that can serve as a positive role model in their life.

Lee reminisces about the first Rearden order, laughing, "I had to check and make sure the imprint was correct." But he started to realize these custom glasses would become a tradition once he saw an order for Mrs. Rearden's 105th birthday the following year. "We at are ever thankful for her continued health and happiness," says Lee. "She and her family are always in our thoughts and prayers."



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