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The Most Elegant Custom Glassware


5.75 oz. Signature Black Stem Champagne Flute



January 9, 2013

The question as to which type of glass ware to pick can be a daunting one. This is because the wine glass industry is marked with all the exclusive, conspicuous and brilliant varying type of glass wares. Therefore, what is important is to know your occasion, your needs and preferences, and what type of beverages will be served. There are different types of glasses for different types of drinks. There are four basic types of wine glasses- red, white, sparkling, and dessert. Red wine should be served in a wider shaped bowl. White wine should be served in a U shaped glass. Sparkling wine glasses (sometimes called flutes) should be narrow and upright to help retain carbonation. Dessert wine should be served in small easy to drink glasses. Among the many types of glasses there are different styles. When choosing custom glassware one should choose glassware that fits with their own personal style.







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