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 Bavarian Steins




April 11, 2011

Bavaria is a German state, in which many fine and high quality companies reside, such as the automobile company, BMW. German products have a reputation for being hardy and well-made, and you will get no different with a Bavarian Stein. 

Bavarian Steins are typically made out of decorated stone, pewter, porcelain, glass or other materials. They are quite large, typically holding anywhere from a half-litre to one litre of liquid. These steins are frequently found being passed around and given out during Oktoberfest, a massive 16-18 day fair which is visited by millions annually. Decorations are quite lavish, with images and allusions to German culture, and especially Bavarian culture.

The word “stein” is known as an abbreviation for a German word meaning stoneware. Although some steins are now made with different materials, in the past mugs were normally created with stone. The transition to glass was made for hygienic reasons, but even today some steins are made with stone to carry on the tradition created many years ago. The stone steins are now mainly used as decoration, souvenirs, or collector’s items. Very old or rare ones may have lids, which were originally intended to keep bugs out of the beer held by the stein.



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