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 March 2011 Blog Archive


Purpose of Pilsner Beer Glasses

March 28, 2011

Beer glasses are designed for specific beers. Mugs and steins are more popular with wheat beers while Pilsner beer glasses are made for light larger and malts. Pilsner beer glasses are tall, slender and narrow down from the mouth towards the base. Find out more about Pilsner beer glasses by clicking here.


Custom Glassware as Wedding Favors

March 21, 2011

There arenít many favors that you could offer to your guests that will make your wedding a memorable one. One of these few things that do make a good impression is custom glassware. This type of glassware is specially crafted and printed to add authenticity and uniqueness to your wedding. (Continue Reading)


Why Ceramic Prints are Permanent and Dishwasher Safe

March 14, 2011

Custom Ceramic MugsTo understand why ceramic imprints are permanent and dishwasher safe we have to first know how ceramics are made and how they are printed. To make ceramics you need a special kind of clay that has to be molded into a shape. This shape is then placed into an oven at very high temperatures where it is cooked for several hours.


History of Shot Glasses

March 7, 2011

The story behind shot glasses is relatively controversial. No one knows exactly who created the first shot glasses and when and what their initial purpose was. One thing which is certain is that it dates to more than 200 years ago. (Continue Reading)



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