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Plastic or Acrylic Dishes Are the Perfect Choice For Camping




July 9, 2013

These days, more and more people living in towns and cities find that they miss that vital connection with nature that they can't get when they spend their lives surrounded by concrete and glass. They find that they want to spend time outdoors in the fresh clean air and gentle sunshine, and a lot of them are discovering the joys of camping. Whether it's spending a few nights at a campground or hiking your way into the deep wilderness, there's something really nice about relaxing around a campfire and sleeping under the stars. One thing to remember when packing for a camping vacation is that any dishes that you take should be made of a durable, non-breakable material that is light, reusable and easy to keep clean. This is an ideal place for plastic or acrylic glasses, plates, mugs, etc.

Plastic or acrylic dishware is perfect for camping because it is light and durable. It doesn't weight much and can easily be stacked together so that it don't take up much room or weigh down your backpack. It is easy to keep clean, and don't react with food the way some aluminum or other metal dishes can. An acrylic coffee mug is perfect for your morning coffee or cup of hot chocolate around the campfire. For those who would rather sleep at home, plastic or acrylic dishes also makes great picnic ware.

If you own a camping or outdoor adventure business, plastic or acrylic camping dishes that are printed with the name of your firm are great items for promoting your company or for selling to your customers. You can sell them separately, or, for camping novices, you can create "outdoor dish sets" that will have all the dishes they need to enjoy their camping holiday. You can also put together special picnic baskets, with everything someone needs to enjoy a meal in the great outdoors. A really fun twist on this is to create a " romantic picnic for two" basket, which makes an ideal anniversary, shower or wedding gift. Every time they are used, the person will see the name of your business, and will know just where to go the next time they need to buy camping or picnic supplies.

These dishes also make ideal promotional items. They are inexpensive, available in a wide range of colors, and can be custom printed with your business name and logo. This makes them the ideal way to say "thank you" to your customers, who will be sure to appreciate getting something they can use when they are camping. They can also be included in gift baskets or bags, or combined into a set and used as a prize during promotional contests. If you have a table at an outdoor sports expo, these make ideal prizes for draws or they can even be given away to members of the public who stop by your table. They are a fun and practical way to get your company's name out there, and, since they can be used over and over, they are also very environmentally friendly. This ties in really well with your business being one that provides supplies for enjoying nature and the great outdoors.

With so many people discovering the joys of camping and picnicking, custom printed plastic or acrylic dishware make great promotional items. They are something everyone can use, and whether you sell them in your store or give the away as gifts, they are sure to be appreciated.



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