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Colored Champagne Flutes


Champagne Flutes



May 2, 2011

Champagne flutes are glasses made for, you guessed it, champagne. They are characterized by a tall stem, and a thin long bowl. It might seem a bit boring, so an easy way to spice it up is to add some color. Some may have little bulbs in the middle of the stem that are exotic colors, or the entire glass may be colored. Typically only the stem will be colored, or even a small part of it. Sometimes there will be a small logo, design, or even custom writing on the bowl for special occasions.

Fun and exciting champagne flutes are a bit ironic, considering champagne is normally reserved for serious occasions and events, like New Years, Weddings, or other important events. Champagne glasses, along with wine glasses, are typically the most expensive you can get, so it is important you pick the right one for the money. Good and expensive champagne glasses are characterized by a very high ping when flicking the glass, but be careful to keep the force low, you do not want to break it. Unlike shot glasses, you probably will not be able to buy in bulk very cheaply, so it is important to do your research before purchasing.



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