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Custom Imprinted Shooters




April 18, 2011

Looking for a colorful shot glass with a logo or emblem on the side? Custom imprinted shooters are the things to get. Youíre able to pick and place whatever you see fit on the glass to make it a shot glass that represents you, your event, or your company.

They can be made from glass or plastic, with the more expensive ones typically being glass. The cheapest way to get them is to buy them in bulk. If you are going to throw a party or run a bar or restaurant, ordering them from an online retailer in bulk is your best bet.  If you find the right provider, you can easily grab a couple hundred for a couple quarters a piece. Typically a design on it will cost a bit extra per shot glass, especially if its a custom one the customer submitted.

These types of glasses are popular for drinking parties, events, special occasions, or just to do some advertising. There are companies that give away shooters with logos on them to customers in hopes that the word will be spread about the bar or restaurant. Itís not a bad tactic, especially considering the glasses can be bought on pennies at the dollar if you find a good place to buy them.



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