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Custom Tumbler Glasses




May 30, 2011

Tumblers are an uncommon name for a flat bottom drinking glass, that can range from regular beer glasses to the common water or soda glass that are served at restaurants. Glasses with any kind of stem are never included in this category, but cocktail glasses that do not have a stem do belong in it. Shot glasses, beer steins, and travel mugs are considered subsets of tumblers.

The most common glass in this category is the table-glass, which is usually served with a non-alcoholic drink like juice or water. They are characterized by relatively thick glass that makes them difficult to break, and are renown for their durability. They were popularized in Russia/Soviet Union where they are typically produced with facets that increases grip on the cup and increases its resistance to falls. They are cited to have been created in the late 19th century when a glass maker offered a glass to Czar Peter the Great and challenged him to break the glass. The Czar was successful, but liked the glass and ordered more to be created. That event has culminated in a tradition that is followed even today in Russia, where after special occasions or toasts the glass is thrown on the ground and broken.



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