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An Easy Way to Create A Reminder of Your Time in the Sun




February 18, 2013

Summer is a perfect time to take a vacation and enjoy the great outdoors. One of the nicest places to go for a summer vacation is to the seashore. There’s nothing quite like the smell of the sea, the sound of the gulls, and the feel of the warm sand between your toes. Playing in the waves can be so much fun, and you can do some beachcombing and look for hidden treasures in the sand. A trip to the shore is a vacation you and your family will want to always remember.

A great way to have a memento of your wonderful time is to build a “beach jar”. Doing so is really simple. All you have to do is collect some sand and place a layer of it in the bottom of a lidded apothecary or candy jar. Next, you put in a few tiny treasures that you collected during your trip to the shore. Arrange them naturally, and you’ll end up with a miniature “beach scene” that you can display at home, and looking at will instantly bring back to mind your pleasant days in the sun. If you are lucky enough to visit more than one beach, you can do a unique one for each different beach that you visit.

If you are someone who loves to collect seashells, then one of the glass jars is the perfect way to display your collection in style. You’ll be able to admire the shells through the clear glass, which makes it easy to enjoy your collection without handling them, which is ideal as many shells are very fragile. Again, you can fill a different jar for each beach you visit.

One the loveliest treasures that you can find at the beach has to be colorful bits of sea glass. It comes in many different colors, and is gently frosted during its years of being in the sea. It’s not always easy to find, so when you do find a colorful piece, it can feel like you’ve just discovered a hidden jewel. Placed in a clear glass jar on a windowsill, the sea glass will simply sparkle in the sun.

Glass apothecary or candy style jars make perfect display containers for all your ocean treasures. One way to make a truly beautiful display is to use a jar with the year and location of the beach custom printed on it in a fancy style script. These jars are not expensive, and come in several different shapes and styles, so you’re sure to find one that appeals to you.

If you are lucky enough to own a gift shop by the sea, then these custom printed jars make an excellent item to sell in your shop. All you have to do is create a display of a few “beach jars” and your customers will find themselves inspired to create their own. You can have the jars custom printed with the year and your location, and they are bound to be an item people will want to buy so they can create their own memento of their wonderful time.

A summer beach vacation is a wonderful way to enjoy spending time with your family. You can enjoy all the seashore has to offer and collect lots of little treasures to take home. Combined with a scoop of sand from the beach, they can create a beautiful beach scene in a jar. If you are lucky enough to find some beautiful shells or sea glass, these jars are also perfect display cases for them. During the deep cold of winter, you’ll be able to look at your jars and almost feel the sun on your face and smell the gentle ocean breeze.



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