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Saluting the Graduating Class of 2013 !




May 8, 2013

Graduating from high school is a very important event in a person’s life. It’s the end result of a lot of time and very hard work, and is a once in a lifetime event. The ceremonies surrounding graduation are a rite of passage for many teens, and it marks the change from being a child to being an adult. The many ceremonies marking this shift can go by very quickly, and many people would like to have a tangible memento from this time. Custom printed glassware can make the perfect keepsake.

Custom printed glassware comes in a variety of styles and sizes, so there is sure to be one that is well suited to the event. One idea is to purchase wine or champagne style glasses that have been custom printed with the name of the school and the year of the graduation. These are perfect for use at a prom, and can be filled with punch or the “mocktails” that many schools serve at their alcohol free senior proms and “Safe Grad” parties. The glasses show respect to the fact that the graduates are now young adults, and add a touch of elegance to the festivities.

Perhaps custom printed coffee mugs may be more suited to the needs of the students. These can be used at a post-prom brunch and, like the wine or champagne glasses, can be custom printed with the year and name of the school. These mugs come in many different styles, ranging form simple and basic to fancier “thermal” style travel coffee mugs. There are even color changing mugs available that can be custom printed. The custom printing is hidden when the mugs are full, but as it empties, the message appears. These mugs are very popular and make a lovely souvenir of the heady days that surround graduation.

Custom printed glassware can also make excellent fundraising items. Most students and their families will want, and be very happy to purchase custom printed glassware as a souvenir of this special time. Since there are so many styles to choose form, there is sure to be one that suits your needs. They range from simple to fancy, and are quite inexpensive to purchase. This makes them an excellent choice for a fundraising item as they provide a very good rate of return.

If you purchase custom glassware for this year’s graduating class, remember to purchase an extra set that can be stored away for the class’s future class reunion. They provide a fun and festive link to the past, and may even bring a nostalgic smile to the face of everyone who attends the class reunion. If the graduating class prepares a “time capsule” to be opened at their ten or twenty five year reunion, be sure to include one of the custom printed glasses or mugs.

High school graduation is a very important time in a person’s life. It marks the passage from been a teen to being an adult and setting forth to make one’s way in the world. Custom printed glassware makes an excellent addition to the festivities that surround this special time.



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