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A Guide to Wine Glasses


Wine Glass



May 9, 2011

Wine tasting is one of the most loved professions and hobbies around the world. Contrary to popular belief, the art of wine tasting can't be done with any wine glass. There is a technique to choosing a wine glass. More often than not, this technique involves the wine glass matching to the particular qualities of the wine. As a basic guide, we will simplify the technique by considering the three main types of wine: red, white and champagne flutes

Red wine glasses often have a spherical-shaped bowl that tends to narrow in at the top of the glass. Some red wine glasses may also be stem-less. As with all glasses, one has to know how to hold the red wine glass properly. The most conventional way of doing so is by placing the stem of the glass in between one’s fingers and cradling the glass against one’s palm. 

White wine glasses differ from the red wine variety is more subtle ways. The top of the glass is slightly narrower and the base may be shallower. Everyone knows that white whines are meant to be served cold so one should hold the glass by its stem rather than the glass body itself. 

Lastly, champagne flutes differ from the rest in that they are narrow and straight. This helps in the appeal of the wine in that the bubbles from the champagne tend to bubble upward. The shape of the glass also helps in maintaining the freshness of the champagne. 

The best guide when choosing a wine glass set is to have one that caters to each of the three main wine types above. Often, people may get carried away by the look of different glasses and invest in sets that may remain unused for quite sometime. It is essential that one learns to avoid this practice.



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