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September 04, 2013

Martinis are forms of cocktails, which are alcoholic drinks with at least two ingredients, typically being on the sweeter side of the spectrum: fruits, sugar, and other sweet ingredients. A martini typically uses gin or vermouth as the alcohol, and has an olive or lemon slice in it. It is unsure of where the drink originated, but many point at a hotel in San Francisco as being the first area to serve a martini. There are many debates over whether martinis should be shaken or stirred when preparing it. Shaken martinis have been examined as having more ice than a stirred version, which contains more ice and can potentially affect the taste of the drink.

Being cocktails, they are typically served in cocktail glasses, which are stemmed glasses with dissimilar bowls when compared to wine and champagne glasses. Instead of being more of an actual bowl shape, they jut out as a straight line, characterizing the glass and changing the look. Most regular sized martini glasses hold about four and a half fluid ounces of liquid, but super-sized glasses are becoming more mainstream, holding from six to even twelve ounces of liquid. As with most stemmed glasses, it is recommended to hold the drink by the stem to prevent body temperature from affecting the temperature of the cold drink.



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