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When Glasses Aren't For Drinking




June 7, 2013

We may have only thought that glasses are only for drinking, and we cannot be blamed when we use it more than thrice in a day during meals, snacks, or just simply, when we are thirsty. But there are other uses to a drinking glass, and believe it or not, holding liquid is not just the sole purpose of their very existence.

Thanks to the one who discovered how to make drinking glasses, and more thanks to people who discovered other uses for them. Here are other ways on how to maximize the functionality of drinking glasses especially those that are not being used anymore:

Flower Vase
Why buy a new flower vase when you have an old large and tall drinking glass that you barely use? Besides saving money, using a drinking glass to be the centerpiece of your living room is not only affordable but also gives your home a creative edge. You could also be sure that other houses would not have the same flower vase as yours. Transparent drinking glasses are good for this idea, but colored ones are also great.

Candy Bowl
Some people use plates or bowls to put candy or toffee or biscuits in them to cater to visitors. When you donít have any of these, try using a wide-mouthed drinking glass to put your candy in so that guests can easily pass them around and they will have a ďfeel at homeĒ vibe when inside your house. This is also a superb idea when you have kids around.

Wine or champagne glasses arenít just for hard drinks. They could also hold cupcakes with whipped cream. Whenever you have a party and you want a new way to serve your cupcakes, try serving them in a wine glass. Just layer them with whipped cream, strawberries, and you can even add champagne which is good to serve in wine parties. Who says cupcakes are only for kids?

Pen Holder
When you have lots of pens on your table and you donít even have a pencil case or pencil bag where you can put them in, try a drinking glass. Not only does it hold all your pens, but it also helps you remove all the clutter on your office table or computer table. It can also hold a ruler, stapler, scissors, and other office supplies that make your table a mess.

Instead of using air freshener to have a nice scent inside your home, why not try potpourri. Canned air fresheners are harmful to the environment, and while they help your home smell better, they donít help the rest of the world in the long run. A potpourri is more organic, since it is made of dried plant material that is naturally scented. Put them inside your drinking glass and put them in as many areas of your home as you want.



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