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 Purpose of Pilsner Beer Glasses




March 28, 2011

Beer glasses are designed for specific beers. Mugs and steins are more popular with wheat beers while Pilsner beer glasses are made for light larger and malts. Pilsner beer glasses are tall, slender and narrow down from the mouth towards the base.

Just like champagne flutes, pilsner beer glasses are clear and thin-walled in order to flaunt the gold-ish color of the beer. It is tall and slender to allow for carbonation of beer and formation of beer-head. This is important in keeping the aroma, flavor and strength of the lager intact. It is therefore important to slant the pilsner glass while pouring beer to prevent excessive carbonation of the lager because it may lead to loss of the beerís taste.

Pilsner glasses are tapered, which helps in retaining the temperature of the beer. The base is either narrow or with a stem which prevents the beer from drawing warmth from the drinkerís hands.

Pilsner beer glasses should be cleaned using quality detergents and should not be wiped with a cloth. Ensure that your Pilsner beer glasses are void of fatty residues as this may alter the taste of the beer.

There are three main types of pilsner glass; the standard long flared pilsner beer glass, Weizen pilsner beer glass and the footed pilsner beer glass. You can find all these designs as well as customized pilsner beer glasses online from retailers like Custom Glassware. You can also have your pilsner beer glass personalized by visiting their self-customization page at



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