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Pint Glasses


Custom Printed Pint Glass



June 6, 2011

Beer is commonly served in pint glasses that hold about (an American Pint size) 470mL (milliliters) of beer. There are a few versions of the glass such as the conical pint glass and jug glass. Conical pint glasses are about half a foot tall and are wider at the top than the bottom, for grip and durability purposes. Dealers and suppliers codename these glasses as “nonic” or “no nick” glasses. Jug glasses, on the other hand, are more similar to mugs, in that they have a handle and have a pineapple grenade style grid pattern on the glass, for added durability. These glasses are not nearly as popular among younger people, but are frequently found in the older generations as a traditional glass, and an easier glass to hold.

Custom and collector’s pint glasses are becoming a very popular and lucrative business. Cruise ships, restaurants, and souvenir shops sell them often, typically to tourists. These glasses are typically engraved with logos on the bottom of the glass or across the side of it. Bottom engravings, however, are actually beneficial to the glass, as it helps the nucleation of the drink, which is the process that creates bubbles in the drink.



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