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Sake Cups


Sake Cups



June 27, 2011

Sake cups are traditional Japanese cups that are used to serve sake, which is a Japanese alcohol made from rice. Sake is considered a form of wine, but it is produced by fermentation of sugar, so the production process is similar to beer. The alcohol content is quite high, and sake cups are typically shot glass sized, or smaller. The sets are typically ceramic, unlike most western world drinking sets, but they do come in glass and in plastic as well, just not often. The actual name for the drinking cups are ochoko or choko, and they are cups that are narrower at the bottom and top than the middle. Tokkuri is a sake pitcher, it typically has a narrow neck but rather bulgy bottom.

The types of cups used for serving sake vary widely, some are similar to shot glasses, or even straight up shot glasses, or wide saucer cups, or wooden boxes. Sake is still sold in wooden boxes, called masu, but people say the wood affects the flavor of the drink.

Most cups are wide mouthed and rimmed, and ceramic. Ceremonial cups tend to resemble teacups and small shot glasses, and most sake is served in small amounts as the alcohol content is even higher than beer and wine.



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