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A Glass for Every Season and Reason




August 12, 2013

There are plenty of ways to spice up your drink ware, either for yourself or as gifts. Here are my suggestions for custom graphic ideas (the elegant kind, not the acrylic photo-and-quote mugs, though those have their uses as well) for glassware you could gift this season (or on any occasion). Everyone loves custom glassware that they can call their own, without exception, be it your boss, your roommate, your landlady or your best friend.

The Al Capone Mug Shot Glass
The 1930s gangster-and-machine gun era Chicago is fascinating for many (which is why mafia games are so popular in the video game market), and Al Capone is its front man. Anyone that loves The Godfather and plays a lot of Mafia is likely to be sold on a mug shot of Capone on their shot glass or tall shooter, or even a champagne flute.

The Wizard of Oz (or Fairytale) Beverage Glass
Kids will love characters from the much loved fairytale etched on their beverage glasses, such as the silhouette of the Tin Man or the Scarecrow, or even the yellow brick road. Of course any fairytale or fictional character can work for that matter - Alice for instance, the Queen of Hearts, or the Cheshire Cat are bound to become favorites.

The Dog-lover's Beer Mug
Anyone you know with a pet dog or cat will love to have their beer mugs (or ceramic coffee mugs) designed with silhouettes of their favorite animal. It will be even better if you can provide the designers with a picture of the owner's pet in order to make the mug even more personalized. Better still - send a friend an etched travel mug and they will think of you - as well as their pet - every time they have a drink in it.

The Volkswagen Glassware
The lover and collector of Volkswagens (or any other automobile) would love to have a custom set of glassware such as shot glasses with the logo (or other artwork) of their favorite vehicle etched on them.

The Nautical Martini Glass
Elegant white and navy nautical designs with their suggestions of pirates, shipwrecks and adventure have always been favorites in fashion and pop culture design. Have a pint glass etched with an anchor, a shot glass with a nautical wheel or a lobster, a compass or a whale on a tall shooter, and it can proudly grace the cabinet of any ex-captain, history buff or seafaring junkie.



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