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Zig-Zag Martini Glasses


Zig-Zag Martini Glass



May 23, 2011

Zigzag Martini Glasses are funky looking and fun martini glasses with a twist. Quite literally in fact. The stem between the base and the cup is twisted and contorted into sharp zigzags, or a smooth spiral. Martinis and cocktails are typically used in more relaxed and fun environments, rather than the serious environments that red or white wine would be served in, and thus, allows for a “twist” in the way the drink is held, and displayed.

These are quite cheap compared to high quality wine glasses and the like, and are great for using in parties, be it social or drinking parties. They are made for cocktails and martinis, which have an average alcohol content of about 12%, which is a bit lower than the average red wine alcohol content. The drinks are typically very sugary, almost like a soda.

They should be held by the stem for a number of reasons; the bowl can be fragile on some glasses, so you should avoid holding it to avoid breaking it, the stem prevents your body heat from affecting the temperature of the cocktail or martini, and finally, it’s a custom, nearly everyone holds it there, do you want to be the only one doing the opposite?



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